ALECC sponsors local and regional events organized by members. Please contact the ALECC executive if you would like to organize an ALECC-sponsored event.

Environmental Humanities Incubator

April 8, 2019

Organized by

Jessica Marion Barr, Ph.D., Bachelor of Arts & Science Program and School of Education, Trent University

Brent Ryan Bellamy, Ph.D., Cultural Studies and English Literature, Trent University

Event Description:

This two-hour event has been organized for faculty engaged with the Environmental Humanities across the Bachelor of Arts and Science, Cultural Studies, English Literature, the School of the Environment, History, and Philosophy. The event will begin with a structured roundtable discussion where each participant will share how their work intersects with environmental concerns broadly and close with refreshments in a more open format for conversation. We have designed this as a low-prep, capacity-building event to make it easy for faculty and graduate students to attend and make connections with colleagues. We have invited faculty and graduate students to bring a colleague in order to diversify our group and ensure that we get a strong coverage from multiple disciplines. Trent University already has a strong Environmental Sciences program. We aim to nurture an Environmental Humanities network by introducing our colleagues to one another and to the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada. These researchers have strong potential as ALECC members and possible attendees (even invited guests) at future meetings. A healthy and growing network for Environmental Humanities at Trent means a healthy and growing network for ALECC.