Call for Papers: Embodied Readings: Child Readers and Children in Literature

Roxanne Harde and Lydia Kokkola (Eds.)

Deadline for abstracts: 9th November, 2015

Submissions are invited for chapters on the theme of the embodied child in relation to children’s literature and other media. The collection will reflect the growing interest in the embodied nature of child both as the reader or consumer of various media and as represented within those media.

Contributions are welcomed from a range of fields, such as literature, postcolonial studies, literacy education, historical and cultural studies, film and media studies, and education.

Possible areas of investigation:

  • The Sexualised child (as reader or within the text)
  • The Racialized child (as reader or within the text)
  • The Reading Child (including publishing practices and the kinaesthetic aspects of digital reading)
  • Visual Images of Children (in advertising, in war reporting, in painting etc.)
  • The Able Bodied or Differently Abled Bodied Child
  • Children’s Spatial Practices
  • Gendered Bodies
  • The Invisible/Unseen Child
  • The Abject Body

An abstract of the proposal, maximum 200 words, with a brief CV of the author(s), maximum 40 words, should be submitted to Roxanne Harde ( and Lydia Kokkola ( by 9th November 2015. We will aim to reply to authors by 30th November 2015.

Abstracts accepted by the contributors will be used to produce a publishing proposal. Full manuscripts should be prepared by 14th February 2016 with the aim of completing revisions etc. for July 2016 and publication Dec 2016/Jan 2017.