Call: The Goose Issue 17.2

The Goose: A Journal of Arts, Environment, and Culture in Canada is seeking submissions for a special issue on the role of art in environmental activism, for publication in spring 2019.

From protest signs and songs to memes and hashtags, and from poetry and novels to life writing and creative op-ed articles, art and activism go hand in hand. While scholars and activists work to critique the colonialist, capitalist, racist, classist, sexist, and ableist arguments in favour of dams, pipelines, border walls, gentrification, and neoliberal environmental policies, artist-activists play a central role in giving spiritual, emotional, and intellectual definition to the fight for environmental justice.

Rob Nixon celebrates the role of “the environmental writer-activist” in representing and articulating the concerns of marginalized communities in Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor (5), yet artist-activists and their art are also complicated, negotiating the politics of representation, performance, commodification, celebrity, and complicity.

For our special issue on art and activism, The Goose invites creative and critical submissions from artists, activists, and academics that engage with or enact any aspect of environmental activist art, including but not limited to:

  • Visual art, poetry, prose, storytelling, craft, print and poster making, digital art, dance, music, video and sound recordings, and land-based art
  • The relationship between activist art and commodity capitalism
  • Critical writing on popularity, award culture, celebrity status
  • Social media, technology, and the digital
  • The role and status of the artist in communities and environmental justice movements
  • Art and activism, art as activism, art praxis and everyday life
  • Art ecocriticism and theory
  • Activist traditions or innovations in media, form, genre, and technique

Deadline and Submission Information: Deadline for submissions is January 7, 2019. Please consult our style guide at and use our online submission system at As ALECC’s open-access journal, The Goose is published biannually and encourages the production and study of environmental literature and art, ecocriticism, ecotheory, and green cultural studies in Canada. We welcome submissions of scholarly and creative articles, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, photography, literary and photo essays, visual and multimedia art, interviews, and book reviews. While our focus is on Canadian content, we also accept international material.